The Northwest Dog Pack



The Northwest Dog was born out of a desire to combine three of my greatest passions in life: dogs, creating and exploring the Great Outdoors. My hope has been to create a community of passionate dog lovers who enjoy exploring the PNW and believe that life’s adventures are best shared with our canine companions. I am thrilled that we have grown to a community of more than 6,500 in our first 7 months! I’m glad you’re here, and personally invite you to become an active member of our community on Instagram, here on our blog, via our monthly email newsletter and through the community meet-ups + events we host and participate in!

What defines the PNW? While there are various interpretations of the Pacific Northwest’s boundaries, we adhere to the broadest definition, which includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Western Montana and British Columbia, Canada. Our blog and social content is focused on these areas, and we welcome anyone who lives in or enjoys exploring the PNW with your pup pal! – Heather Dowdy, Founder + Creative Director

Heather Dowdy ↟↟↟
Founder, Creative Director, Writer + Maker

Three of my greatest loves in life are dogs, creating and nature, so I am excited for these passions to culminate in The Northwest Dog!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve written for national pet and travel magazines as well as publishing my own, before selling it to explore the PNW and beyond. I’ve hiked, camped and traveled with a number of soulmate dogs along the way, two of which passed in 2016 but forever remain close to our hearts.

These days, my husband Chris and I explore the PNW with our 7-year-old rescued pit bull, Briley. We work from our Portland, OR home, where I run MoonDog Media as my full-time career. We’re grateful that our work allows us the freedom to explore the vast landscapes of the Pacific Northwest–as well as to pursue passion projects such as The Northwest Dog. Thanks for joining us on this journey! Want to connect? Drop me a line here!

Briley ↟↟↟
Co-Founder, Adventure Pig, Gear Tester + Box Shredder

The Northwest Dog was inspired by our adventures with Briley, our seven-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. We rescued her from death row at just twelve weeks old, after someone witnessed her being dumped out of a car along a highway and brought her to the shelter. We rescued her immediately, and she’s never looked back. The resilient, forgiving spirit of dogs never ceases to inspire and awe me.

We rarely use Briley’s real name, but she luckily responds to a plethora of nicknames, such as PiggieSmalls, BrileySmalls, SmallBri, Smalls, SmallPig, Peeg and more.

She’s a goofball and a #snugglepig. She’s an organic treat connoisseur, happy hiker, stick shredder and fetcher of balls. She can be found chasing waterfalls, swimming in rivers and digging to the other side of the earth along Oregon beaches. When she’s not pibblin‘ around the PNW, she’s defending the back yard from squirrels, demanding walks and updating her Instagram @northwestpittie.

Meet Our 2019 Pack Leaders

Our Pack Leaders are official brand ambassadors for The Northwest Dog, and we are stoked to have them on our team! Our Pack Leaders have a genuine passion for exploring the PNW and inspiring others to do the same. They lead our Pack Hikes, contribute to blogs, help us develop product ideas and more. We use the term “pack” simply to convey “community” and our Pack Leaders are the team leaders who help us grow and engage our PNW community!

Koda Bear + Britt

Koda Bear is a Siberian Husky + Golden Retriever from Bend, OR who loves exploring the PNW and giving high-fives on Instagram. He’s an Emotional Support Dog to his mom, Britt, who has chronic Lyme Disease.

Delilah+ Resa

Delilah is a gorgeous Coonhound gal who can be found climbing mountains around Seattle, WA. Her mom, Resa, loves her sweet and kind spirit and enjoying all the PNW has to offer with her trail pal.

Cashew, Rob + Catie

We’re pretty sure that Cashew the Golden finds the biggest sticks in Oregon! When she’s not hauling massive hunks of wood, she’s exploring The Columbia River Gorge with her parents, Rob + Catie.

Milo + Sarah

Meet Milo, our adorable Frenchie friend with a heartthrob smile!  When he’s not strutting his stuff with his mom, Sarah, in Portland, OR, he’s busy being a stick connoisseur, paddle boarder, hiker and camper.

Aspen + Bhawna

Our youngest Pack Leader, Aspen, is a Great Pyrenees + Labrador Retriever mix. She and her mom, Bhawna, live in British Columbia and love exploring mountains, forests, lakes and rivers… and chilling in the hammock!

Mongo, Joey + Ana

Mongo, a Labrador Retriever / Blue Heeler mix, is a high-energy boy who loves adventure. His Pit Bull mix sister, Josephine (Joey) is sweet, cuddly and a little anxious but shines when she is outdoors!

Mollie + 6 Dogs

Mollie shares her home and heart with 6 beautiful rescued pups: Winry, Kenoby, Bigby Wolf, Paladyn, Bryer Thome + Juniper. Together, they live in Washington and love to hike, swim, wrestle and destroy toys. 

Molly + Kaitlyn

Molly was a beautiful foster fail from the moments her parents met her. They knew she’d never leave their sides! She’s super smart and is happiest when she’s outdoors adventuring with her humans. 

Oakley, Kira + Devon

Oakley loves off-leash hiking, swimming in lakes, and running at the beach. She also enjoys agility and playing in the snow. When she’s not adventuring in the PNW, she’s being a couch potato.

Stevie + Amy

Adorable Stevie is a sweet and wild-hearted Husky pup who loves hiking in the snow on Mt. Hood and playing with her human siblings. Her mom, Amy, is a PNW native –in fact, her family founded East Portland in 1845!

Jade, Bowie + Nancy

Jade + Bowie absolutely love to be out in nature. They love the beach, open fields, wooded trails, and the mountain snow. They also love to wrestle with each other and then snuggle in on the couch!

Milly + Caroline

Milly (and her fabulous tongue) were rescued from New York City animal control as a sick puppy. She was given a 2nd chance at life and has helped her mom, Caroline, discover her love for the outdoors. They live in Washington.

Bandit + Gemma

Bandit is a Chihuahua / ShiTzu / Poodle and is 8.3 pounds of adorable scruff! His mom, Gemma, adopted him just over a year ago. He’s out to prove that little dogs can hike! He can hike 11 miles up and down a mountain.

Harley + Graham

Graham adopted Harley, a Shepherd / Border Collie, in 2017. She was rescued in BC, pregnant and chained up. She is shedding her trauma and finding love, trust, confidence and adventure with Graham.

Mally, Apollo + Gillian

Mom and son Black Labrador Retrievers, Mally and Apollo, live in Oregon with their human, Gillian. They are working bird dogs and love hiking, chasing waterfalls and exploring the coastlines along the PNW.

Bella + Kaitlyn

Bella is a Boxer / Blue Tick Coonhound and the sweetest, most cuddly dog you’ve ever met! She’s content going on a long hike or cuddling on the couch watching movies with her mom, Kaitlyn.

Vaughn + Brian

Vaughn, a Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix, loves people and adventures. He loves making new friends both on and off the trail and enjoys running and hiking with his human, Brian.

Kya, Koda + Alexis

Koda, an Australian Cattle Dog, loves trading tricks for all the treats. Kya is a deaf, adopted Aussie mix who is an oversized lap dog. Koda acts as Kya’s ears, and they love adventuring together.