5 Must-Have Adventure Gear Essentials


My love for the outdoors was instilled at a young age — I always looked forward to camping trips with my family, playing in the woods and beach trips to romp in the sand. But when I adopted my sweet pup, Todd, something about adventuring with him fed my soul like nothing else had before. My desire to be outdoors grew to where weekly outings became a necessity. There is just something to be said about watching your dog see the world. And through all our hikes and adventures, I’ve built my 5 must-have adventure gear essentials.

I often get asked what products I use on a regular basis, so I’m happy to share my go-to list with The Northwest Dog community!

Hurtta gear is my number one thing to bring on trails. For us, this specifically encompasses a harness, treat pouch, and a coat of some sort for fall to spring days.

I love harnesses. I love the look of them. I love that Hurtta has a variety to choose from to best fit your needs. Some have a handle on the back for a quick and easy grab. Some have options to attach the Hurtta led light for extra safety. Some have a padded chest, others have thinner straps. All have multiple points of adjustments for a near perfect fit on your pup.

(The photo below shows Toddy in the Hurtta adventure harness as well as a martingale collar from Rokodog.)


I’m constantly wearing a treat pouch if we are out because Toddy is very leash reactive. We step to the side if there is an oncoming dog and I give him treats to focus on me instead of reacting to the dog. The Hurtta bounty bag has a drawstring closure, an adjustable waistband, a carabiner to attach your keys to and an extra zip pouch that I put my phone and poop bags in.

Coats are something that I think are overlooked by a lot of people. Whether they don’t realize their dog could be cold or they think the people who buy them are being “extra”, almost every dog could use one depending on the situation! Ranging from a snow hike in freezing temperatures, a rainy day where you’d like your pup to stay dry, or a brisk spring morning that you don’t want your pup to get chilly, Hurtta has you covered with a variety of jackets! 

Leashes are a thing we live by. Unless you have your dog under voice control 100% of the time on a trail, they should be on a leash. This is for the safety of your own pup, other pups, people who might be afraid of dogs, kids, wildlife, etc and also… it’s usually the law. No one wants to be ambushed by an off-leash dog, especially those of us with reactive dogs.

That being said, we never leave home without our Petoji leash. Their biothane leashes are waterproof, stink-proof, have a carabiner closure for safety, are lightweight and so easy to clean and dry off. If you’re a germaphobe like me, this leash was made for you! They are available in a wide variety of colors, lengths, and widths, and shipping is quick and free in the US. Customize your own leash on their website linked above! (Our leash is pictured below.)

Although we usually hike with a harness on Toddy, he almost always has a collar with a name tag on it. I’m a big fan of martingale collars as it is a no-slip collar. I’ve heard one too many devastating stories of a dog that got out of its collar that I don’t want to ever experience. The Rokodog martingale is a back up to our harness on hikes, and what I use for neighborhood walkies and any trail that I end up not packing a harness for.

These collars are beyond durable, come in a variety of beautiful patterns and are so lightweight. They are eco canvas and therefore easy to clean. They are also available in a buckle. All hand made from a small business based in Canada.

SAFETY NOTE: You should never leave your pup unattended in a martingale collar. For walks and hikes only!

It’s a fact: everyone poops. So, cue the PooVault! This lightweight black box will change your life. It helps you follow the “leave no trace” pack it in, pack it out rule when you hit the outdoors. You will no longer bag your pup’s poop and accidentally leave it on the trail with the intention to get it on your way out.

With the included carabiner, the PooVault weighs less than an iPhone 6. You can easily attach it to your pack, leash or belt. It holds your dog’s poop bags and locks the odors in so you don’t smell anything. I never thought I would be so excited for something related to dog poop! (See it in the photo below.)

Snacks. We all love them. You probably carry snacks for yourself when you head out on an adventure, and your pup needs to refuel, too!  I love RuffBar, a versatile product made for active dogs. They are handmade in Washington with whole food ingredients and no preservatives. They are nutrition packed bars that come conveniently packaged and every pup should have them for on the go! Available in a wide variety of proteins for those with certain protein allergies or just picky eaters.

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